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bed & breakfast Val di Vara a Beverino

Bed & Breakfast "Mare & Collina": the holiday in the tranquility of the hill

Mare & Collina offers hospitality in the quiet countryside in the hinterland of La Spezia.

If you love comfort, let you relax by the domestic management of the Bed & Breakfast located in Beverino (La Spezia).

All rooms are well furnished, sunny and with heating to ensure you a splendid holiday.

For more details about the favourable prices of this offer and for looking over some pictures of the Mare & Collina rooms, please enter the relevant sections.

Mare & Collina: the definitive solution for your holiday.

>> Only for our customers:

La Nave di Carta: sail across La Spezia and Cinque Terre Gulf with our conventionated association!

Cantina Sociale of Cooperativa Agricola delle Cinque Terre: learn everything about the world-famous "Sciacchetrà" wine!


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