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bed & breakfast Val di Vara a Beverino

Bed & Breakfasts Beverino in Val di Vara.

5 terre

Describing the "5 terre", for the people living there, is not such an easy work. It's impossible for foreigners not to fall in love with them, by just looking ah their marvellous panorama. You can't see them all at first sight, 'cause your eyes are captured by the vastity of the sea under yourselves. 5 terre are a place of other times, where the rhythm of time is beated by the waves of the sea, and the wine perfume relaxes yourselves completely, in this fantastic scenario.

5 terre are the ideal place for a reasoned tourism, to find yourselves and your inner rhythm, losing nothing of the city comforts. Just reducing to the essential. So, switch off your mobile phone for a while and breath deeply: you'll be seducted by Riomaggiore and its "Via dell'Amore" leading to Manarola, then let yourselves be enchanted by the splendid Vernazza; therefore, enter a wine growers' club in Corniglia and finally visit Montale's house in Monterosso. The five ligurian pearls are waiting for you with all their charme.


La Spezia should thank Lerici everyday because it's for its presence that the gulf is called "Poets' Gulf". Here, Byron and Shelley found the inspiration to write their most famous poems, choosing to spend their life in this fishers village, painting the beauty of this place with their immortal verses. Starting from San Terenzo Castle you'll arrive to Lerici one by walking on a suggestive promenade. In the village, then, you'll be able to make shopping in some exclusive boutiques of the coolest brands.


The growing fame of Portovenere, nationally and internationally speaking, augmented exponentially the number of visitors year by year, but left untouched the original charme of the village and its panorama. After diving into the clear sea of "Arenella", "Ulivo" or "Grotta Byron", in the evening you'll be given the chance to see the fantastic show of San Pietro Church (built in VI siecle and rebuilt again in 1200), directly on the sea: illuminated, it will leave you without words. Another fantastic place to go is Palmaria Island (from where the photo has been taken), only some hundreds of meters far from the village, and mainly still wild.

San Giorgio Castle

San Giorgio Castle takes place on the Poggio hill, and was built for defense reasons by the old inhabitants of the city. Today, it hosts public conferences, events and manifestations of the bourgeoises of La Spezia, and the entrance is free.


Built in the centre of Lunigiana, of which can be considered as the natural "capital" for conformation and charism, Sarzana is a modern artigianal, agricultural and touristic centre, but still maintains its medieval heart. That is why you can't miss to visit the Cittadella, strongly willed by Lorenzo il Magnifico in 1488, and S. Maria Assunta Cathedral, in which you can admire the wonderful Cross by Maestro Guglielmo (1138). The city is also famous for the presence of many antique-trade and repair boutiques, and that's the reason why it hosts many antique-trade fairs, especially in August (particularly interesting is the well famous "Soffitta nella Strada", directly in the centre).

The "Amedeo Lia" Museum

The "Amedeo Lia" museum is located in the old convent of the minimites of St. Francis from Paola, who settled in the town of la Spezia in about 1620. The museum is a gift to the city by Amedeo Lia, a naturalised La Spezia citizen of Apulian origins, who began to acquire paintings and art objects after the Second World War. The building is divided into thirteen rooms, containing litugical objects, paintings, portraits, marvellous sculpture up to the heart of the museum, the unique "Chamber of Marvels".

The Naval Museum

The real boast of La Spezia, strongly wanted by Cavour, is certainly the Naval Museum, one the most complete of Italian Navy. In its core, you'll have the pleasure to see many naval antiques, starting from geographic maps to underwater weapons, and an incredible collection of more than 150 ship models, among which the Amerigo Vespucci School Ship, built in the laboratory of the museum.

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