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bed & breakfast Val di Vara a Beverino

Beverino, country peace in the green Val di Vara.

BED & BREAKFAST "Il nido Sopra il Fienile"

Via Pastani n░ 2 19020 Beverino La Spezia

The flat is composed of two wide double rooms, provided with windows directly on the hill; one of the two rooms has got one additional part with single or double bed, fire-place, and two balconies. In addition to that, you'll be able to find an enjoyable kitchen, enlighted all day long, and furnished with two big windows. The bathroom is very big too, and is available for the two rooms altogether, but to make the holiday more comfortable, we can't accept more than one booking, but comitives are very welcome. You can also bring your pet with you: any kind of animals will have the chance to live with you in the covered terrace, or in our stable (as for the horses) or in the covered garden (for dogs which are used to live outside).

Rooms can be rent singularly or all together.
The breakfast is waited in the round floor or in the garden.

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“Il nido sopra il fienile” B&B, to better serve its customers, has become a “Stop Point” of FITETREC-A.N.T.E association, so as that now it is a regional path for horse riding.

The family will be glad to show the riders the path.

Furthermore, it is possible to request a preview of the path (Cinque Terre, Val di Vara, Lunigiana…) directly at the address

How to reach it

Starting from La Spezia, you can get Beverino by passing through the well famous Foce, and then taking the road for Val Graveglia: by car, it won't take more than 20 minutes to immerse yourselves in the quiet of nature.

A little bit of history

Beverino has been inhabited by local people for more than one thousand years. In the XI siecle, the Estensi decided to move their buildings from the bottom to the top of the hill, poning the bases for the future development of the city. Still nobody has been able to say when the castle - actually completely destroyed for the strategical choice of Genoa - was built precisely: we know for certain that in 1202 it was already present beacuse of some writings between Malaspinas and Luni's bishop talking about the region boundaries. Always in the XII siecle, in 1247, the village passed under Genoa Republic for popular choice.

To see

Not so far from Corvara Castle ruins you can find a Roman aqueduct; particularly interesting is the door leading to Beverino Castle. San Lorenzo's and San Michele's Churches in PAdivarma and Corvara are other jewels of the village; last but not the least it's wealth to mention Trezzo medieval lodge, plunged in the typical quiet of the zone.

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